The best way to solve electric gate problems is to call the people who specialise in gates and controls.

Auckland wide. 0800 991 888 (workshop/office) or try 021 0774401 (technician)


Gates not responding to your keypad or remote?

Do you need a service technician to come to your home or business?  You might consider calling All Gates Electrical and get a qualified technician to come and assess your gate system. Experience with many different brands and systems means independent advice and an accurate engineering approach to finding a technical solution. The first step,  is to phone for an assessment-


Farfisa keypad

Keypads and remotes are a common way of controlling access to your property. When they are becoming unreliable, or simply non-functional, the best thing to do is call a service technician for an assessment.
Depending on the age and condition of your gate, and whether you want a short term or more permanent solution to your gate service problem, sometimes a better solution is to replace part or all of your system. All Gates Electrical can help with information you need to make good choices regarding your gates and access control, and can supply and install a new system.

Brands serviced-

Most commonly available brands and types are serviced by All Gates Electrical, who  work with many different types of gate automation. Experienced with ECA, Ducati, DEA, Came, Merlin, Farfisa, Mhouse, Niceand many other brands,  All Gates Electrical are also qualified and experienced technicians who can tackle unusual and obsolete types of gate automation.  Many customers will call All Gates Electrical rather than waste time trying to find an agent or distibutor that may not exist any more, or who may not be interested in providing service.


One customer wrote: “…it is a pleasure to deal with someone who understands what the word “service” means.”
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Repair that gate!

Gate automation can enhance the value of your property,  but a  gate  automation system that isn’t working properly  can  convey the impression of neglect.

Gates and fences provide security but a non-functioning  gate  negates the purpose especially if the gate is left  open. A gate system  working properly is convenient and  secure.


Ducati gate arm

The purpose of servicing a gate:

The function of servicing a gate is to maintain or extend the life span of the gate system, but your gate automation system is an appliance, and does have a finite life span. At some point it may be worth upgrading your system to a new one. All Gates Electrical can help recognise that point and advise you accordingly. However, All Gates Electrical can also repair systems that have a reasonable life expectancy ahead of them, and can service down to component level on circuit boards if feasible.


If you want to know what is wrong with your electric gate system before undertaking repairs or replacement, or if you want approximate costs involved, All Gates Electrical has an “on-site assessment” service-

Call for an on-site assessment ($92) 0800 991 888
or 021 0774401

All Gates Electrical will send to your site a gate technician specialising in fault assessment and will report back to you your options for $92, which includes travel time and kms for Auckland and suburbs.